About Wake Up

Wake Up!

The Wake Up Festival is a five-day immersion experience in personal and collective transformation. It’s the largest and only festival of its kind, uniting renowned spiritual teachers, bestselling authors, healers, scientists, poets, yogis, and lovers of life within the context of an open-hearted, uplifting community.

The Wake Up Festival is not your usual “festival.” It’s not about outer activities; it’s about inner exploration and discovery. We think of it as a feast of life-changing insights with just the right amount of practice to enable us to truly embody what we learn. You’ll be invited to approach awakening through meditation, personal writing, qigong, yoga, dance, shadow work, and more. And we will do it as individuals each supported by our Wake Up community.

“I experienced many lovely realizations and a sense of letting go, coming back to an innocence inside and seeing my entire life differently. The stories dropped, I realized that I have been living my life from such a deep, reverential, heartfelt place already. There is a recognition of already being free. I will be back next year for sure.”


The Event

When we touch a limitless sense of being—vast, open, undivided—we paradoxically become more uniquely ourselves, more empowered and on fire to bring forward our unique gifts. We wake up to our courage, to our authenticity, and to claiming our own value in the world. The Wake Up Festival explores this awakening from a wide range of different perspectives, and is an event like no other. Our focus is on opening our hearts to an all-encompassing embrace and doing so in a supportive, retreat-like environment. We will gather together for five days in Estes Park, surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, to immerse ourselves in:

  • The Power of Community—We can often grow the most when we are in a “field of transformation,” a gathering of people who are committed to the heights and depths of the spiritual journey
  • Learning from Great Teachers—Being in the presence of a great spiritual teacher is like sitting next to a living fire of awakening; their passion, knowledge, and experience illuminate us
  • Transformative Spiritual Practices—We can engage and experiment in different spiritual practices from the wisdom traditions of the world, exploring how to clear stuck energy, release the past, and connect with limitless space
  • Celebration—One of the best ways to open our hearts is through music, poetry, and dance, celebrating that we already have everything we need to savor the beauty and perfection of the moment

“I really appreciate how well this was organized and the deep and diverse offerings made by the presenters.”


Who Presents?

IMG_6610-FINALWe each carry a flame that lives inside our hearts—a flame of inner knowing and warmth and care for all of life. Spiritual teachers are sometimes called “torch bearers” because this fire burns so bright in their being and, when we are in their presence, we naturally “catch fire”. The Wake Up Festival features torch bearers who come from the world’s wisdom traditions, as well as artists, healers, poets, musicians and dancers who hold nothing back and are on fire with devotion to the mystery and beauty of being. Wake Up Festival presenters transmit their open-heartedness to us and serve as fellow travelers in our Wake Up community.

Who Attends?

People of all ages from around the world join to form the Wake Up Community. Last year’s Festival welcomed participants from throughout the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and more. Different religions, spiritual traditions, and ethnicities are represented. Come as a group or for a solo retreat. Some participants have immersed themselves in spiritual practice for decades and others are new to the journey. All are welcome.


Ways to Participate


Wake Up Festival:

  • Wednesday, August 20th at 7 pm through Sunday, August 24th at 12:30 pm
  • Admission to all classes, activities, and keynotes during the main Festival
  • Choice of one afternoon breakout workshop and one morning practice session per day

Pre-Festival Intensive:

  • Monday, August 18th at 7 pm and run through Wednesday, August 20th at 4:30 pm
  • Choice of one Pre-Festival Intensive
  • You do not need to attend the main Festival to attend a Pre-Festival Intensive

*Registration fees do not include lodging and meals.

“The Festival was a quenching ‘watering hole’ for us thirsty spirit beings.”