Tami Simon

An Invitation to Wake Up Together

Are you in the midst of a life transition? Has your body (or your soul) given you a wake-up call you can no longer ignore? Do you have a sense that there’s more to life than what you’ve realized thus far? Are you longing for community and connection with like-minded people?

Our annual Wake Up Festival is designed as an all-inclusive, deeply engaging experience that brings you:

  • Powerful spiritual teachers such as Jack Kornfield, yogini-activists such as Seane Corn, and powerful healers such as qigong master Robert Peng
  • Insights from leading experts such as Dr. Rick Hanson and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on the convergence of spiritual awakening and neuroscience
  • The power of community—joining with other people who are in the process of awakening, who support us in our unfolding, and expand our ability to be vulnerable and to give and receive love
  • The beauty that is expressed through inspired poets and writers such as Mark Nepo, as well as the images and words they offer—which open passageways to our own depths and courageous hearts
  • Ritual—featuring ritual leaders and shamanic teachers such as Malidoma Somé and Joseph Marshall III, we will invoke seen and unseen forces to support our process of awakening
  • Celebration—performances by rare talents—including acclaimed sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur and Grammy®-winning cellist David Darling—allow us to fall into ecstatic music and dance in order to discover the boundless dimensions of being

The Wake Up Festival is an acknowledgement that there is no “one way?to spiritual awakening; we each have to find the way that is true and authentic for us. Here is a chance to celebrate our human uniqueness while meeting in a shared experience of open-heartedness at the same time. Come join us in 2014, and we can explore waking up together!